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Brixham Pirate Festival

At the end of April Brixham will once again be invaded by pirates celebrating the annual Brixham Pirate Festival. Whilst we haven’t actually experienced the event before, Stephen recently attended an open evening thrown by the organisers to share all the latest news and details of the exhaustive preparations they’ve been making. We’re really looking forward to it so we feel justified in recommending it!

What do we need to know about the festival?: The festival takes place from Saturday 30 April until Monday 2 May and takes over the entire town. The main stage is in the inner harbour, beside the Golden Hind and there's a family stage in the main car park area beside the bus stop. Many of the thousands of visitors who come will enter into the spirit of the weekend by dressing as pirates themselves.

What we like about it: There’s so much to see and do at the festival – it’s filled with pirates, period and military reenactors, bands, street entertainers, not to mention plenty of live music too.

How to find it: You can hardly miss it. The festival will take over the whole town for the weekend.
Brixham Pirates Festival

Bear in mind: Over festival weekend much of the centre of Brixham will be closed to traffic – and there’ll be limited parking – so leave your car behind. You can get into Brixham by bus or the ferry from Torquay.

And if you want to stay in Brixham we still have a limited amount of availability at Churston Way Lodge.

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Date: 20 March 2016